Swollen legs and feet can be an early indicator of vein disease. Discover how our experienced vein doctors in NJ help patients relieve their discomfort.




Get Rid of Leg Swelling with Aesthetic Vascular Associates

Leg swelling, also known as edema, is caused by an abnormal buildup of fluid, which can occur with various conditions. When vein disease results in swollen feet and legs, this could indicate an advanced venous disease known as venous reflux.

With state-of-the-art vein disease treatment from Aesthetic Vascular Associates, you no longer have to live with uncomfortable leg swelling. Led by Jonathan Weiswasser, MD, our team provides minimally invasive treatment for swelling in the legs and feet in a safe, comfortable environment. Dr. Weiswasser has decades of experience in treating vascular disease and has helped thousands of patients in the New Jersey metro area live more fulfilling lives.

Reclaim your health with our transformative treatment for leg swelling and vein disease.



Which Doctor Should I Consult for Leg Swelling?

In healthy veins, one-way valves allow blood to flow upwards and prevent blood from pooling in the lower legs. When these valves become diseased or damaged, fluid buildup can occur, leading to swollen legs and feet. This condition is known as venous reflux and, over time, can progress to a more advanced venous disease.

Venous disease can range from mild to severe, causing a spectrum of symptoms from leg swelling to a debilitating stasis ulcer. Since swelling can have multiple causes, consulting a doctor is vital for getting proper treatment. If left untreated, leg swelling from vein disease can get worse, so seeking care early is important.



Treatment for Leg Swelling

At AVA, our procedures help alleviate the discomfort from swollen feet and legs due to vein disease. We offer several treatment options, and the right one for you will depend on the severity of your condition.


Compression Stockings
Compression stockings work by forcing blood to the upper part of the leg to reduce blood pooling and congestion in the lower legs. Available both over-the-counter and in prescription form, they are also used for support after vein procedures.


Injection Sclerotherapy
Many with leg swelling also experience varicose veins and spider veins. A common method of treatment for these veins is injection sclerotherapy, which uses a tiny needle to inject liquid into multiple parts of the vein, effectively shutting it down. The procedure requires no downtime and won’t interfere in daily activities such as exercise.


Foam Sclerotherapy
Foam sclerotherapy is useful for treating larger, longer varicose veins that can occur with leg swelling. We are proud to have been the first in the tri-state area to use Varithena, an FDA approved foam sclerosant. We inject microfoam into the vein, which causes it to naturally seal itself closed. Patients experience no downtime and are able to resume normal activities immediately.


Vein Ablation
Vein ablation is a procedure that uses energy to shut down a vein. We use two methods: radiofrequency ablation and endovenous laser ablation. In these procedures, microwave energy heats the vein wall and causes it to shut down. Vein ablation takes about 30-40 minutes and is performed on an outpatient basis.


We perform microphlebectomy, a procedure to remove varicose veins, in conjunction with a vein ablation to further prevent leg swelling from vein disease. The entire procedure takes about 45 minutes. You walk in, have it done under local anesthesia, and walk out and drive home.



Embrace Better Vein Health With Aesthetic Vascular Associates

Treating leg swelling from vein disease can help you look and feel your best. Reach out to Dr. Weiswasser and the AVA team to discuss your concerns and learn how our innovative care can improve your day-to-day living.