Are you bothered by the appearance of small red or purple veins on your skins? Spider veins are common — but advanced treatments offer hope with no downtime.



Get Quick, Simple Spider Vein Removal With Dr. Weiswasser

Spider veins are one of the most common forms of vein disease, resulting in thin lines or webs of blood vessels that appear on the surface of the skin. Though they are generally not painful, their appearance can cause patients distress and a desire to have them treated.

At Aesthetic Vascular Associates, we offer some of the most advanced methods of spider vein treatment and removal in NJ, including laser and injection sclerotherapy. Led by Jonathan Weiswasser, MD, our center offers state-of-the-art care in a safe and comfortable environment — resulting in thousands of patients choosing us for treatment of spider veins and more.



What Are Spider Veins?

Like varicose veins, spider veins are not a sign of bad health, poor circulation, or blood clots. The most common reason for what causes spider veins is aging or sitting and standing for long periods of time. They can occur anywhere on the body but most often occur on the legs.

Spider veins are also sometimes called spider telangiectasias. A variant of spider veins is a reticular vein which tends to be larger and blue (whereas spiders are more delicate and pink); both are treated using the same approach.

Spider veins rarely cause pain, but when they do, it usually occurs at the site of the spider vein complex and, in women, can vary with their cycle.



Our Spider Vein Treatment Options

The treatment of spider veins is extraordinarily straightforward and easy. Sclerotherapy, which means ‘shutting down a vein,’ is our primary technique to treat spider veins. There are many forms of sclerotherapy, including injection and laser sclerotherapy. At your complimentary consultation, we will discuss the options appropriate to your particular pattern.

Injection Sclerotherapy
Injection sclerotherapy is our preferred approach for spider vein treatment. The procedure uses a tiny needle to inject liquid into multiple parts of the vein, effectively shutting it down. The procedure requires no downtime and won’t interfere in daily activities such as exercise.

Laser Vein Treatment
Laser spider vein treatment uses heat to cauterize a vein and cause it to collapse. It often only takes one treatment to complete and is a safe and effective way to eliminate spider veins with minimal to no downtime.

Compression Stockings
Compression stockings may prevent the appearance of additional spider veins by forcing blood to the upper part of the leg to reduce blood pooling and congestion in the lower legs.



Experience the Difference With Our Care & Comfort

At AVA, we take pride in our ability to provide minimally invasive vein treatment in NJ that helps patients experience more confidence and less pain. Discover why patients love Dr. Weiswasser and the dedicated staff at Aesthetic Vascular Associates — request your complimentary cosmetic consultation today.