Venous Disease, Varicose Vein, & Spider Vein Treatment in NJ

Get state-of-the-art vein treatment from one of the top vein specialists in NJ.

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Eliminate embarrassment or discomfort caused by vein issues with Aesthetic Vascular Associates, your full service vein treatment center in NJ. Whether you want to treat conditions for aesthetic purposes or address painful symptoms, we are here to help.

Led by Dr. Jonathan Weiswasser, Aesthetic Vascular Associates provides the highest quality care and treatment of vein conditions, making our center the trusted choice for thousands of patients for vein treatment throughout the Garden State.

Vein Conditions We Treat

We’re proud to offer some of the most advanced treatments for vein disease, including both surgical and non-surgical options. We use minimally invasive techniques that promote a quicker recovery so you can get back to doing things you love sooner.

  • “Very positive experience. All the staff was helpful. Dr. Weiswasser explained the procedure in a very clear and concise way; I did not feel rushed. He covered all my questions and concerns.”


    – Donna
  • “Dr. Weiswasser and his staff are truly amazing. He made me feel extremely comfortable and he explained things perfectly. I would recommend anyone to have him as their doctor.”


    – Loni
  • “Outstanding! My legs look like they did 30 years ago! Thank you, Dr. Weiswasser!”


    – Outstanding!
  • “One of the best doctors I know. I definitely recommend him very highly. Thanks!”


    – Barry

Experience the AVA Difference

  • SafetyWe only utilize techniques that have been established and shown to be safe and effective through scientific studies in peer-reviewed journals and research.
  • Doctor-Performed TreatmentWhile some centers delegate treatment to the staff, your treatment at AVA is performed entirely by a physician.
  • Minimally InvasiveTreatments performed via minimally invasive techniques result in quicker recovery and less downtime.
  • IntegrityWe only offer treatment to those for whom the treatment is appropriate.
  • ResultsOur results are unparalleled and come from extensive experience in the field and vast expertise.

Excellence In Care And Comfort

Treatment of leg vein disorders has changed dramatically in the recent past. As a top leg specialist in NJ, Dr. Weiswasser remains a pioneer in the field of leg vein disorders, bringing you the latest technologies in treating troublesome surface veins, eliminating conventional methods of “stripping” and the need for large incisions. The improved treatments offered by Dr. Weiswasser result in few or no incisions and a rapid return to normal activities.

Treatment of vein disorders, whether for cosmetic reasons or due to serious diseases of the veins, are a private and personal matter. Dr. Weiswasser and his staff are dedicated to excellent care, complete patient satisfaction and comfort. It is our priority to ensure that you are well-informed and well-educated about the choices and best treatments that Dr. Weiswasser recommends.